INFRA HEAT: where technology is safe, pleasant and effective.

INFRA HEAT is a complete endogenous thermal transfer device that allows the effective treatment of tsurface and medium deep tissues of face and body. The peculiarity of INFRA HEAT is to combine the active ingredients delivery phase of cosmetics with the vasodilation that, by activating the physiological mechanisms that regulate the metabolism of tissues, allows the active to spread immediately, ensuring the best achievable result. Among the latest generation aesthetic technologies, Ksurgery proposes the merger between effectiveness and ease of use. The result is instant: a total tissue rejuvenation with a lifting effect, to counteract face and body skin relaxation.

Thermofrequency: the meaning

Thermofrequency machines are latest generation aesthetic machines that use a synergy of modulated frequencies to convert energy into endogenous heat. The developed heat is able to stimulate the entire epidermis tissue till the deeper layers, such as dermis and hypodermis. The vascularization effect, that is generated by the produced heat, releases the tissue from the stagnation of liquids, facilitating the disposal of waste substances in the treatment area, in order to counteract all the imperfections due to a poor blood circulation, such as cellulite, bags and dark circles. The temperature increase, that is reached in the dermis, generates a trophic action on fibroblasts stimulating a new production of Collagen and Elastin, thus obtaining a global tissue rejuvenation with a lifting effect, in order to counteract face and body skin relaxation.

Discover all our INFRA HEAT treatments

Facial Treatment

- Wrinkles
- Facial rejuvenation
- Skin laxity
- Facelift
- Active acne
- Post acne
- Bags and dark circles

Body Treatment

- Draining
- Cellulite
- Adipe
- Toning

Bring ultimate generation aesthetic technologies in your beauty center

Offer to your customers an high and 100% Made in Italy performance technological support. The experience gained in the aesthetic field has allowed us to create equipments that can be perfectly adapted to our formulations, by enhancing the results, in rder to ensure an immediate and impactful effect to the end customer..

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