Novacell NO CELL BUBBLE Reshaping Body Mousse

  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Compared to normal creams, it favors the absorption of the active ingredients, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the product
  • Refreshes and hydrates the skin
  • Helps reduce cellulite-related blemishes
An innovative texture that gives immediate freshness while working on microcirculation and localized fibrosity.
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Mousse ad firming action And toning.

A shock treatment for critical points and greater imperfections, indicated to intervene on the drainage of excess liquids and support Reduction of the circumference of the thigh Giro.
His special technology(Etce) enhances the mechanical action of the massage and allows greater stimulation of the microcirculation.

The powerful pool of functional active ingredients Of botany origin It improves the appearance of the skin, it helps to reduce localized fibrosity and accumulations of liquids.

A product deeply refreshing, ideal for fight the imperfections of cellulite even in the hottest months.


HYALURONIC ACID: Contributes to enhancing theelasticity skin

Lespedeza extract that happened: Considered a powerful draining of the lymphatic system, thanks to the presence of the rutin flavonoid that acts on the venous system improving its tone, reducing the fragility of the capillaries and promoting drainage from body liquids

Extract Lactuca (sea lettuce):Green seaweed with a purifying action; reactivate circulation

Escin:Key active in the Fight against cellulite, useful in assisting the physiological superficial microcirculation

CAFFEINE:Active that contributes to exercising a tonic effect local stimulant

Skin type

Skin with imperfections of cellulite. Orange peel skin.

Methods and advice for use

Shake well before use.

Day on the palm of the hand and massage on the skin, insisting on the affected areas, with circular movements to enhance the sparkling effect of the foam, until complete absorption.

Easy application even in the most difficult areas.

Its innovative texture in spray mousse with easy absorption applies in a few seconds. Its simplicity of use makes it excellent even in the most difficult areas to reach.


Butane, aquane, alcohol denat., Propane, coco-capryla [1] te, isobutane, steareth-21, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Menthol, lespedeza that happened extract, phenoxyethaniol, buttylene glycol, ulva lactuca extract, admonium glycyrrhizate, combuum micranhum extract, Succinated disodium , Niacinamide, Ethylhexylglycerin, Threonine, Caffeine, Escin, Sodium Hyaluronate