Politica Aziendale


VIDA S.r.l. was founded in 2012 as a distributor of medical devices and cosmetics addressed to the aesthetic medicine, aesthetic surgery and professional beauty market.

These markets are constantly evolving. This is why successfully interpreting these changes and, most of all, seeking to offer high-quality, safe, high-performing and innovative cosmetics and medical devices to its customers is a challenge that VIDA S.r.l. decided to face, by making quality and professionalism its strong points.

VIDA S.r.l. is a strong company, unafraid of change. Hence, in 2016, at its headquarters - located in Via G. Galilei 4, Crespina-Lavoria - the company built two ISO 5 and ISO 7 clean rooms as production laboratories for the crucial transition from distributor to manufacturer of cosmetics and medical devices.

The main goals of VIDA S.r.l. are innovation and the continuous search for new solutions that guarantee safety and performance. VIDA S.r.l. constantly invests important resources in research and development, with the goal of producing cosmetics and medical devices that can meet the increasingly more demanding requirements of the market and guarantee high levels of quality, safety and performance.

VIDA S.r.l. produces and markets the KSURGERY brand which sees itself as the ideal and skilled partner due to the safety, performance and quality of cosmetics and medical devices. All cosmetics and medical devices that are manufactured and/or distributed by KSURGERY are the fruit of thorough analyses of the sector and of the market, aiming to understand the needs of the customer and guarantee high levels of safety and performance, while assuring collaboration with leading institutes and companies at European and global level.

These partnerships guarantee cosmetics and medical devices that lead the way in terms of safety, effectiveness and composition, thanks to the constant effort expended in research and development, with the goal of continuously improving the company and the medical devices it manufactures and/or distributes.

In this context, the organisation has chosen to adopt a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 and UNI EN ISO 22716:2008 as a tool for the improvement of its performances, the control of processes, to increase customer satisfaction and ensure compliance with requirements, including those of a legal nature.

By way of confirmation of the commitment to the customer and its willingness to invest in quality, VIDA S.r.l. reached two significant milestones in 2020, i.e. two CE markings for two medical devices (class IIa and class III).

In addition, it set up a new laboratory exclusively dedicated to the production of cosmetics, so as to clearly separate the environments and resources used for the production of cosmetics from that of medical devices.

The organisation’s activity complies with these general guidelines:

  • Standing out in the market thanks to quality, safety, performances, and image.
  • Continuously meeting customer needs by constantly focusing on innovative formulas.
  • Obtaining full personnel satisfaction by empowering human resources.
  • Maintaining and continuously improving the Quality Management System, providing the resources and means necessary to ensure its effective operation.
  • Establishing and maintaining satisfactory relationships with suppliers.



  • Increase the efficiency of processes, by constantly monitoring performance.
  • Guarantee high production standards.
  • Be a flexible company that closely follows the trends and innovations of the market.
  • Empower human resources by helping them develop their skills and improve the company’s internal potential by involving, motivating and raising the awareness of all collaborators, so that every one of them plays the double role of Customer and Supplier:
  • as Customer, demanding the maximum quality level from the people who supervise them;
  • as Supplier, ensuring the maximum quality level from the fruit of their labour, suggesting improvements and striving to perform it accurately, so that no do-overs are required.
  • Manage corporate activities in a way that complies with the standard UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 and UNI EN ISO 22716:2008, seeking the continuous improvement of all processes, and compliance with the Medical Device Directive and the mandatory applicable regulatory framework.
  • Lay down and regularly update a “strategic plan” which defines the goals to be achieved.



The management of VIDA S.r.l. takes on the responsibility of disseminating and supporting - by the most suitable resources and means - this Quality Policy, assigning clear and specific powers for its implementation to every collaborator.