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Thecombination of two main componentsfor adual mutual action.Ksurgery offers this combination for guaranteeingaunique and enhanced result.Hyaluronic acid acts in harmony with Vitamin Cagainstfree radicalsandskin aging.Skin is immediately protected and it looks youngerand brighter

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When science becomes extraordinary.

Combining science and nature, Ksurgery cosmeticline is equipped with aninnovative brighteningtechnology. A special active ingredient, is extracted fromMullein flower, whichcollects and transforms thelightleaving the skin more radiant, glowing andyouthful.

Our special Vitamin C

A biotechnology thatacts on behalf of cosmetics, Vitamin C product range allows toobtaindynamic products with high content ofVitamin C, developed with innovative and safebiotechnological derivatives, and suitable for allskin types.

3-O-ethyl-l-ascorbic acid

Ascorbyl Glucoside

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Your skin is perfected

A product range designedtoact on skin agingand, at the same time, toensuremaximum protectionfrom free radicals.Immediately, the skin looks fresher and brighter. Itsmix of different texturesensures the best nutrientfor all skin types

The products of the line


Enhanceyour beauty routine

The wide range of HYALURONIC Vitamin Cproducts helps to create aperfect beauty routineto deal with the worst months of the year. Theyprotect theskinall day long,counteracting free radicals and giving it a newenergy. Asimple and complete routine, ideal forall skin types

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