Scopri l'innovativo auto massaggio rassodante


Firming massage

Massages are a real cure-all for our skin: whether they are simple or complex, home or professional: it is certain that massaging the skin brings a constant benefit to the tissues and muscles of our body. When combined with an invigorating product, a firming self-massage is really a good daily habit to pamper our body and help the mind to rest.  

When to perform a firming self-massage

It’s always time for a good self-massage!  

Performing a correct and constant self-massage during the application of the products has an effective action on the skin: a simple but efficient technique that works as a true beauty amplifier.

The moments to dedicate to a self-massage can be many. Undoubtedly the best one is definitely after the shower or bath. The skin will be more receptive, so that it’s easier to amplify the effects of the massage. Performing a firming self-massage even at the end of a training session or at the end of a long day, it will also help the legs relieving annoying feelings of swelling.

Discover all the benefits of a self-massage

A firming self-massage is really a good daily habit to pamper our body and help your mind to rest. In a few moves you can:

  • Revitalize the skin  
  • Tone up the body
  • Oxygenate the tissues
  • Increase the reception of the active ingredients contained in your firming product

Choose your favourite texture

All the ToneUp products are suitable for a self-massage. You can choose between a Cream or a Gel texture, both designed to be massaged for a long time to give a feeling of lightness and well-being on the legs.

When to choose HYALURONIC Toneup Cream?

HYALURONIC Toneup Firming body cream is the right choice if you love silky textures, designed to cuddle your skin after a bath or shower.

The ideal texture for.  

dry skins particolarmente secche 

that begin to face the signs of time  

skins that need firming treatments after pregnancy or after a slimming diet


When to choose HYALURONIC Toneup Gel?

HYALURONIC Toneup Cool toning gel is great if you love textures that are not too rich or creamy, designed to keep the skin elastic without weighing it down even during hot summer days.

Ideal: per 

to refresh the muscles after an intense training

as a relaxing  evening treatment


Self firming massage: How to

With the innovative firming self-massage offered by our Ksurgery beauty expert, you can increase the benefits obtained from our products with a series of simple but effective manual skills.

Follow us step by step and see the results:

Legs: Discover the firming self-massage for your legs

  • Pump from the ankle to the knee  
  • Perform a V-turn from the knee to the groin
  • On the culotte de cheval perform pinching by alternating your hands with the index and the thumb, to promote an increased blood flow on the area.
  • Always perform it in the upward direction.

Abdomen: discover the firming self-massage for your stomach

  • Apply the product on the entire abdominal area  
  • By performing circular movements around the navel, massage the product until its complete absorption

Arms: discover the firming self-massage for your arms

  • Apply the product over the entire length of the arm, focusing mainly on areas affected by major failure
  • Starting from the elbow, perform some pumps with your hand up to the axillary cable
  • Alternate the previous manoeuvre by rotating movements to facilitate its absorption, always following the shoulder direction.

Breast: discover the firming self-massage for your breast

  • Gently massage the cream around the breast
  • Move progressively from bottom to top in order to pull up the entire circumference of the breast (corolla movement)
  • Repeat these movements until the completely absorption of the product